Sustainability is an attitude

Our mission

CENTROTEC stands for sustainability at its core: our products and the people behind them generate lasting value to customers, employees and shareholders.


For CENTROTEC, integrity means a consistently fair, transparent, honest and incorruptible way of behaving, both for the enterprise and for the individual. For us, that means we have to say what we think, and do what we say!

Social responsibility

CENTROTEC bears social responsibility both for its employees and for its wider corporate environment. It is important for us to regard employees as human beings, not merely as a resource, and to address their individual needs as effectively as possible. In addressing the corporate environment, CENTROTEC operates ethically and responsibly, and furthermore shows independent initiative in promoting living conditions and social cohesion within its direct sphere of influence (good corporate citizenship).

Sustainable action

This means meeting today´s needs without endangering the scope of future generations to do likewise. The way energy is used and the cosequences of its use are of key importance for a sustainable society. To achieve that goal, CENTROTEC supplies affordable soultions for saving energy and putting renewable energies to a wide range of uses in buildings. In developing, manufacturing and selling our soultions, we strive for the highest possible standards of resource efficiency and sustainability. For each individual, this action begins with a sense of personal responsibility towards the wider community.

Entrepreneurial action

For every employee, entrepreneurial action means treating the company as if it were his or her own, and demonstrating the responsibility and foresight that that would entail. This offers opportunities for both the company and the individual. CENTROTEC promotes this entrepreneurial spirit by granting its employees and subsidiaries the maximum possible freedom of scope.

Sustainability Report

The current sustainability report of CENTROTEC SE can be found here...



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