Elements of the Compliance Management System (according to sec. 4.1.3. of the German Corporate Governance Code)

Appropriate corporate governance and compliance have been a central component of CENTROTEC SE’s corporate philosophy for many years. A Group-wide, systematic risk analysis covering all divisions serves as the basis. The continuous, systematic management of entrepreneurial opportunities and risks is part of the corporate culture at CENTROTEC. The Management Board regularly examines the developments and work in the compliance and corporate governance areas. Timely access to important information on early risk detection and the combating of maladministration as well as limiting losses and maladministration by implementing measures and preventive action are the key objectives. Key features of the control and risk management system are indicated in the opportunity and risk report.

As part of its compliance work, CENTROTEC has taken various measures to assure the lawful conduct of employees, the company and the management. The CENTROTEC compliance programme comprises various building blocks that have been implemented in all corporate areas and thus together form the Compliance Management System. Key building blocks are the control and risk management system for financial reporting purposes, compliance in the sphere of capital market law, a competence and conduct guideline for all companies of the Group, as well as guidelines on IT security. Further principles are reflected in a guideline on the handling of gifts and invitations, as well as in the Group-wide Code of Conduct, which specifies the key principles and rules for conduct within the company and vis-à-vis outside parties. The reporting system for compliance incidents also includes a digitalised whistleblower portal for the anonymous reporting of suspected cases.


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